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We offer fine hand coloured reproduction 17th Century John Speed maps, taken from his works, "The Theatre of Great Britain" and "A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World" along with other hand coloured 17th Century maps taken from Ogilby's "Road Maps of England and Wales", and original woodblock prints of Stately Homes and Castles of Great Britain and Ireland, from circa 1880.

NEW! In addition to hand coloured maps, we now offer Giclée printed maps that are virtually indistinguishable from the original, for a fraction of the price!

All John Speed maps bought from this site come with a copy of the description written to go with the map - Click Here for more details

We are Authorised Merchants and can accept payment by Credit and Debit Cards (including American Express) over the telephone.
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John Speed's Map of Great Britain and Ireland Antique Prints of Stately Homes and Castles Road Map by Ogilby - Whitby to Durham
John Speed Maps Stately Homes and Castles Road Maps by Ogilby

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