The Road from London to Lands End

Andover to Crewkerne

This is the journey between Andover and Crewkerne,
passing Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Sherbourne and Yeovil.

Each of the ribbons which make up the map include a compass indicating north.

The landscape along the journey is described,
and the distance travelled and directions to nearby settlements are given too.

I have shown the place name as it appears on this map (c.1675) first, with the modern spelling in brackets.
I have only listed the places I can readily find in a modern road atlas,
but there are many more places of interest on these maps which I have not included in my summary.
These may include rivers, ponds, churches, windmills, blacksmiths forges, gallows and bridges.

The Route

Platford (Upper Clatford)
Abbots Ann (Abbotts Ann)
Middle Wallop
Lobcocks Corner (Lopcombe Corner)
Hurcote Bridge (Hurdcott)
Langford House
The Stand
Burcomb (Burcombe)
Ellesburn (Ebbesbourne Wake)
Barwick (Berwick St John)
White Sheet Hill
Donett (Donhead)
Shaftsbury (Shaftesbury)
Stour Eastover (East Stour)
Stower Provost
Stour Westover (West Stour)
Henkstridg (Henstridge)
Dunmer House
Milburn Port (Milborne Port)
Oburne (Oborne)
Sherborn (Sherborne)
Babilon Hill
Evill (Yeovil)
Preston (Preston Plucknett)
West Coker
East Chinock (Chinnock)
Halesbear (Haselbury Plucknett)
Crookhorn (Crewkerne)
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