The Road from London to Shrewsbury, Continued to Welshpool

Meriden to Welshpool

This interesting chart shows the route between Meriden and Welshpool,
depicting places such as Birmingham and Dudley prior to industrialisation.
Each of the ribbons which make up the map include a compass indicating north.

The landscape along the journey is described,
and the distance travelled and directions to nearby settlements are given too.

I have shown the place name as it appears on this map (c.1675) first, with the modern spelling in brackets.
I have only listed the places I can readily find in a modern road atlas,
but there are many more places of interest on these maps which I have not included in my summary.
These may include rivers, ponds, churches, windmills, blacksmiths forges, gallows and bridges.

The Route

Gunners Oak
Hampton on the Hill (Hampton in Arden)
Stanbridg (Stonebridge)
Little Bicknall (Middle Bickenhill)
Bickenhull vulgo Bicknall (Bickenhill)
The Cock
The Green
Sheldon Brook
Hemill Bridge (Hay Mills)
Birmingham vulgo Bromicham
Blakeley Hall
Brade Hall (Brades)
Pullins Hall
Tivedale Houses (Tividale)
Cole Pitts
Guarnell (Gornal)
Womborn (Wombourne)
Smestall fluv (Smestow Brook)
Tressell (Trysull)
Round Oak
The Morfe Forest or Heath
Gattaker Hill (Gatacre)
Bruges ats Bridgenorth
Whitburn Gate
Walton (Bridgwalton)
Morvill (Morville)
Audnam Park (Aldenham Park)
Mickley (Muckley)
Wenlock Magna (Much Wenlock)
Wenlock Pitch (Wenlock Edge)
Belsadine Hall (Belswardyne Hall)
Cresedge (Cressage)
Lady Oake
Upper Cund (Upper Cound)
Cund (Cound)
Cross Houses
Yenstrey (Emstrey)
Betton (Betton Strange)
St Goyles (St Giles)
Welch Bridge
The Bull
X in Hand
Forde (Ford)
Carston (Cardeston)
Ronston Castle (Rowton Castle)
Watleburgh Hall (Wattlesborough Hall)
Nags Head
Watleburgh Heath (Wattlesborough Heath)
Wilson Hall (Whitton Hall)
Trivenant (Trefnant)
Mallagolm Hill (Moel y Golfa)
Long Mountaines
The Green
Butinton Hall
Butington (Buttington)
The Turge Hill
The Smithy
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