The Road from Oxford to Coventry

Continued to Derby

This map shows the journey between Oxford and Derby,
passing Banbury, Coventry and Nuneaton en route.

Each of the ribbons which make up the map include a compass indicating north.

The landscape along the journey is described,
and the distance travelled and directions to nearby settlements are given too.

I have shown the place name as it appears on this map (c.1675) first, with the modern spelling in brackets.
I have only listed the places I can readily find in a modern road atlas,
but there are many more places of interest on these maps which I have not included in my summary.
These may include rivers, ponds, churches, windmills, blacksmiths forges, gallows and bridges.

The Route

Wollvercot (Wolvercote)
Kidlington Green
Kidlington Church
Tuckley Church (Tackley)
Rounsham Church (Rousham)
Steple Aston (Steeple Aston)
Dunsto (Duns Tew)
Dedington (Deddington)
Weeping Cross
Boddicot (Bodicote)
Broughton pva (Little Bourton)
Broughton mag (Great Bourton)
Soteswell (Shotteswell)
Farmborrow (Farnborough)
Water Gall House
Lydbrook (Ladbroke)
Longitchington (Long Itchington)
East Lemington (Leamington Hastings)
Mertom (Marton)
Princethorp (Princethorpe)
Dunsmore Heath
Rinton (Ryton on Dunsmore)
Winsford Stone bridg (Stonebridge)
Wynald (Willenhall)
Whitley Hall
Forksell (Foleshill)
Griffey (Griff)
Barrpoole Abby (Bar Pool)
Drayton (Fenny Drayton)
Mancester (Mancetter)
Wetheley (Witherley)
Atherston (Atherstone)
Ratcliff Culey (Ratcliffe Culey)
Shepey (Sheepy Magna)
Orton Sup Mons (Orton on the Hill)
Siberstone (Sibson)
Twycros (Twycross)
Gopshill Hall (Gopsall Hall)
Hogs Norton (Norton juxta Twycross)
Snareston (Snarestone)
Mesham (Measham)
Ashby de la Zouch
Colderton (Coleorton)
Smethsby (Smisby)
Furs Ground
Ticknell (Ticknall)
Stone Bridge of 39 Arches over Trent
(Swarkestone Bridge)
Barrow Sup Trent (Barrow Upon Trent)
Synfold Moore (Sinfin Moor)
Darby (Derby)
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