The Road from York to Lancaster

This map shows the route between York and Lancaster
passing through Knaresborough, Ripley, Skipton and Settle.

Each of the seven ribbons that comprise the map include a compass indicating north.

Woodland, heath, and parkland are illustrated, and the distance travelled
and directions to nearby settlements are given too.

I have shown the modern spelling first and the place name as it appears on this map (c.1675) in brackets.
I have only listed the places I can readily find in a modern road atlas
but there are many more places of interest on these maps which I have not included in my summary.
These may include rivers, ponds, churches, windmills, blacksmiths forges, gallows and bridges.

The Route

Popleton (Poppleton)
Blew Stone
Heslow (Hessay)
Munkton Chappel
Nun Hall (Nun Monkton)
Moor Munkton (Moor Monkton)
Woolstrap Hall (Wilstrop Hall)
River Nid (Nidd)
Skip Bridg (Skip Bridge)
Kirk Hamerton (Kirk Hammerton)
Green Hamarton (Green Hammerton)
Alerton (Allerton Mauleverer)
Flaskby (Flaxby)
Knaresburg / Knasbrough (Knaresborough)
Skuton (Scotton)
Nid (Nidd)
Lime Pitts
Killinghall Bridg (Killinghall Bridge)
Dark Hall
Clynte (Clint)
Hamsworth Bridg
Hempesthwate or Hamsworth (Hampsthwaite)
Grasies Plain Moor (Grayston Plain)
Keskme Moor
Two Long Posts
Foyston (Fewston)
Swinsley Hall (Swinsty Hall)
Blewborrow Houses (Blubberhouses)
River Washburn
Keskin Moor (Kex Gill Moor)
A Pole
Somerscales (Summerscales)
Hessel (Hazlewood)
Derriston (Deerstones)
Sturry (Storiths)
Almeshouses (Almshouses)
Beamsley Hall
Boulton (Bolton Abbey)
River Wharfe
Haughton (Halton East)
Skybedon (Skibeden)
Haugh Park - The Countess of Pembrock's (Haw Park)
Skipton in Craven (Skipton)
Sturton (Stirton)
Tholby (Thorlby)
Elston Crag Hill (Eshton Crag)
Coniston (Coniston Cold)
Helnfield P (Hellifield Peel)
Long Preston
River Ribble
Gigleswick (Giggleswick)
Lakeland Hall (Lawkland Hall)
Yokeland (Lawkland)
Greenlif (Green Close)
Welington (Wennington)
Tateham (Tatham)
Tateham Church
Tateham Hall (Tatham Hall)
The Lord Marley's Park
Hornby Castle
River Wennyng (River Wenning)
Claughton Hall
Church Caton (Caton)
River Hartlebek
River Lune
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