The Road from Ferrybridge to Boroughbridge

Continued to Barnard Castle, and from Ferrybridge to Wakefield

This delightful map shows firstly the route from Ferrybridge to Barnard Castle,
via Boroughbridge, Ripon and Richmond, and then, on the last ribbon,
the journey between Ferrybridge and Wakefield via Pontefract.

Each of the ribbons which make up the map include a compass indicating north.

The landscape along the journey is described,
and the distance travelled and directions to nearby settlements are given too.

I have shown the place name as it appears on this map (c.1675) first, with the modern spelling in brackets.
I have only listed the places I can readily find in a modern road atlas,
but there are many more places of interest on these maps which I have not included in my summary.
These may include rivers, ponds, churches, windmills, blacksmiths forges, gallows and bridges.

The Route

Ferry Farnton (Ferry Fryston)
Are Flu (River Aire)
Farbourne (Fairburn)
Ledstone Hall (Ledston Hall)
A Beacon (Ledsham Beacon)
Abyforth (Aberford)
Brammum Moore
Brammum Hall (Bramham Park)
Bramum (Bramham)
Cliffard Moore (Clifford)
South Dighton (Kirk Deighton)
Welsford (Walshford)
Allerton Parke (Allerton Park)
Boroughbridg (Boroughbridge)
Youre flu (River Ure)
Kirby on the Hill (Kirby Hill)
Hewick (Copt Hewick)
A Wood Bridge (Hewick Bridge)
Rippon (Ripon)
Huton (Hutton Conyers)
Norton Hall (Norton Conyers)
Middleton (Middleton Quernhow)
White Lion Inn
Enter Lemynge Lane (Leeming Lane, Dere Street)
Kirtlynton (Kirklington)
Pickhall (Pickhill)
Burniston (Burneston)
The Bell Inn
Lemyng (Leeming)
Catterick Bridge
Swail flu (River Swale)
Bounton upon Swail (Brompton on Swale)
Wiston (Whashton)
Ravenworth Castle (Ravensworth Castle)
Ravenworth on the Hill (Ravensworth)
Kirkby (Kirby Hill)
Gailes (Gayles)
Dolston (Dalton)
Greatabridge (Greta Bridge)
Rougby Village (Rokeby)
Eaglestonby (Easglestone Abbey)
Barnard Castle

Newhall (New Town)
Warnefield (Warmfield)
Greenheath Moore (Heath)
Sr William Dodlestons
Sandall (Sandal Magna)
Colder flu (River Calder)
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