When John Speed maps were originally produced in the 17th Century,
the reverse side of the map included a detailed history of the area it depicted.
Also given, in the maps taken from 'The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine'
was a list of the names of the places and landmarks shown on the maps.

Above is an example from Theatre, and below one from Prospect.
Please click on an image to see an enhanced version.

We think that these descriptions from times gone by are so interesting
that our customers are missing out on not having them to accompany their maps.
So, from December 2007, we will be including a copy of the description
with each John Speed map we sell on the site, with no extra cost to the buyer.
The text will be on the reverse of the rolled maps, as it was when they were first sold,
whilst we will include a reproduction of the text with the dry-mounted and framed maps.

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John Speed's Map of Great Britain and Ireland

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