Windsor Castle

The Royal Residence

"The history of Windsor Castle is the history of England and of England's Kings and Queens. Originally a fortress of the Roman invaders, and probably of previous existence, it was founded by William the Conqueror, and has, as might be supposed, received numberless alterations and additions since. According to some historians, it was newly built by Henry I., where, in 1122, he celebrated his marriage with his second Queen, Adeliza of Louvain.

In the year 1824 the sum of 300,000 was voted by the nation for the general improvement of the Castle, and subsequent grants have raised the amount appropriated for the buildings alone to nearly 800,000. It has in modern times been the favourite residence of George III., George IV., who greatly enriched it, William IV., and Queen Victoria.

The Royal Family of England descends from Guelph, younger brother of Odoacer, conqueror and first barbarian King of Italy, who died in the year 489."

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