Holme Lacy

near Hereford, Herefordshire - Baronet Stanhope

"The name Holme is otherwise written Hamme, the Saxon word for a house, farm, or village; also, sometimes, Home Hom, or Homme, meaning a place surrounded by water. The additional name of Lacy was derived to it from Walter de Lacy, a valian Norman, who soon after the Conquest obtained cast possessions in the county of Hereford, so much so, that in the reign of William Rufus his son Roger had no fewer than sixty-five lordships in the county, of which the principal one was Holme.

The ancient family of Scudamore was one of those whose names were inscribed on the Roll of Battle Abbey, and after living in high esteem in the county of Hereford for centuries, John Scudamore, of Holme Lacy, was High Sheriff of the county thrice in the reign of King Henry VIII.

The representative in the sixteenth century was William Scudamore, who was Gentleman Usher to Queen Elizabeth. William was knighted for his bravery at the siege of Cadiz. He was one of the most renowned men in England for chivalry, and no more need be said of him than that he is the 'Sir Scudamore' of Spenser's 'Faerie Queene'."

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