Coughton Court

near Alcester, Warwickshire - Baronet Throckmorton

"Coughton is situated between Icknield Street and the river Arrow, about two miles from Alcester, in a finely wooded country, diversified by hills. In the time of the Conqueror it was in the possession of Turchill de Warwick. It was afterwards held by a family who assumed their surname from hence. Simon de Cocton, or Coughton, left two daughters, one of whom, Joan, was married to William de Spineto, whereby this lordship came to the Spiney family.

Guy de la Spine left issue two daughters, one of whom, Alianore, married John, the son of Thomas Throckmorton, by which this lordship of Coughton, comin to the line of Throckmorton, hath continued therein to this day. The original seat of this family was at Throckmorton, in the parish of Fladbury in Worcestershire.

The Baronetcy in this ancient family dates from the year 1642."

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