Eaton Hall

near Chester, Cheshire - Duke of Westminster

"In the reign of Henry III. the manor of Eton was possessed by Hamon de Pulford, whose son Richard took his name of Eton from the place itself, and it continued with his descendants, the Etons, till after the death of John Eton, whose daughter Joan, by her marriage with Ralph, son of Sir Thomas Grosvenor, conveyed it into the family of the present owner.

At the close of the last century Eaton Hall was a heavy brick mansion, bult by Sir John Vanbrugh. In the year 1803, the whole, with the exception of the basement storey, was pulled down by the then Marquis of Westminster, and the present pile erected in its stead.

The family of Grosvenor is of French extraction, and is stated to be composed of the words 'gros' and 'veneur.' It deduces from Gilbert Le Grosvenor, a companion of the Norman William I."

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