Bestwood Lodge

near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire - Duke of St. Albans

"From authentic information there seems no doubt that Bestwood was once a royal residence, and much frequented for hunting purposes by royalty, for King Edward the Third, by his letters dated at his Park of Beskwood in 1364 pardoned and released certain rents issuing out of 'Lindley Hay and Bullwell Rise, to the Priory of Newstede.'

Thoroton, in 1677, says, 'Bestwood hath a very fair Lodge in it, the Park and Lodge have for these many years been the desire and achievement of great men. Three Earls of Rutland had it, Roger, Francis and George. Before that, Thomas Markham, a great courtier to Queen Elizabeth, had it; and before him, little Sir John Byron, a great favourite of King Henry the Eighth's. It is now on lease to William, Lord Willoughby of Parham.'

Charles the Second, about 1683, granted Bestwood to Charles Beauclerc or Beauclerk, created Duke of St Albans, Registrar of the High Court of Chancery, and Master Falconer of England."

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