Preston Hall

near Aylesford, Kent - Brassey family

"Preston Hall, the sear of Henry A Brassey, Esq., is of very ancient date, and was formerly the residence of the Colpepper family, who were proprietors of the Preston Hall estate, which comprises the manors of Aylesford, Eccles, Tottington and Cossington. The estate passed from them to the Milners, from whom it was purchased by E. L. Betts. Since that time the old mansion has been removed, and the present handsome stone edifice erected upon a more elevated but not far distant spot.

Ancient Roman and other relics have been frequently discovered here. In the possession of Druidical remains Aylesford is also remarkable. One of these, a cromlech, named Kit's Coty House, is described as being 'composed of four large stones, three of them placed in an upright position, one across at the back between the other two, forming a rude shed, and the fourth lying flat upon the top of them forming a roof.'"

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