Arundel Castle

near Arundel, Sussex - Duke of Norfolk

"Arundel Castle, the ancient residence of the Dukes of Norfolk, is supposed to have been built at the beginning of the reign of King Alfred, and the first authentic notice we find of it is that it was bequeathed by that monarch to his nephew Athelm.

The next historical notice to be found of Arundel Castle, is in a grant made of it soon after the Norman Conquest by King Williamto Roger de Montgomery, created Earl of Arundel and Shrewsbury, who repaired it.

The descendants of Roger de Montgomery did not long keep possession of it; for in the reign of Henry the First, Robert de Bellesme was deprived of all his honours and outlawed by the reigning monarch. The king settled the castle on Adeliza, his second queen, who afterwards married William de Albini. The manor of Arundel then went to Isabel Albini, who married John Fitz-Alan, who thereupon assumed the title of Earl of Arundel.

The last male heir of the Fitz-Alans, who died in the reign of Elizabeth, left only a daughter, who married Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk. The ancient family of Howard is derived from William Howard, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas from 1297 to 1308."

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