Exton House

near Oakham, Rutlandshire - Earl of Gainsborough

"Exton House is situated upon the edge of a noble park containing one thousand five hundred acres of land, three hundred of wood, and eighty of water. The park is well stocked with deer. In the centre of it is Tunnelly Wood, and a ride through it is called the Queen of Bohemia's Ride.

At the time of the Norman Conquest, Exton belonged to the Countess Judith, who married Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland. Their heiress, Maude, married David, King of Scotland. From him Exton passed to the Bruces: afterwards to the Greens, Culpeppers, and Haringtons, who held it for five generations.

Sir Baptist Hicks bought it in the reign of James the First, and in 1628 passed it to his son, Viscount Campden. The estates and titles then devolved to Edward Noel, first Baron Noel of Ridlington, whose grandson was created Earl of Gainsborough in 1682."

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