Farnham House

near Cavan, Ireland - Lord Farnham

"The only drawback that I have experience in placing before my readers these views of English Homes and Home Scenery, the great ornaments of the country, which, as they have so often and so much pleased myself, is that only one view of each country seat can be given, when an almost unlimited variety might as well be represented. How much this remark applies to the one at present before us, may readily be understood from the fact that is stands in grounds, the various drives through with extend to no less than twenty-six miles, the semesne itself richly planted and of an undulating character, and containing four lakes, with a range of mountains in the distance, extending from Florence Court, the seat of th Earl of Enniskillen, away towards Sligo.

The deer park contains three hundred head of deer. The woods are planted with fine beech trees, said to be the first planted in Ireland; and one of them, Derigid Wood, dating from 1642, is said to be the finest oak wood in that kingdom.

The estate was granted by King James I. to Sir Richard Waldron, of Leicestershire, who married Miss Farnham of the same county, and gave her name to the property, and it was purchased shortly after 1641 by Robert Maxwell, Bishop of Kilmore, lineal ancestor of the present Lord Farnham, and the immediate successor of the celebrated Bishop Bedell.

The house was built in the year 1700, and considerably enlarged in 1803, and further improved in 1839.

The family of Lord Farnham derives from the second son of Sir John Maxwell, of Calderwood, in Scotland, who went over to Ireland in the interest of King James VI. of that kingdom. His Lordship is also thirteenth in descent from King Henry VII., through the houses of Brandon, Seymour, Boyle and Butler."

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