Ilam Hall

near Ashbourne, Staffordshire - Hanbury Family

"The situation of Ilam Hall is extremely beautiful and the house itself is well adapted to the scenery that surrounds it. The old mansion was standing in the year 1820, but was soon afterwards pulled down, and the present fine Elizabethan edifice erected in its place.

The family of Hanbury, of which Robert W Hanbury Esq. is the sole surviving male representative, were originally settled at Hanbury in this county, where is the tomb of Sir John de Hanbury, a crusader, and where they still hold considerable property.

They were during the Commonwealth presented with the Manor of Norton Canes, and are afterwards represented in Plot's Map of Staffordshire as seated at Norton Hall. Within the last two hundred years the valuable manor of Norton has three times been lost and three times recovered; it was on the last occasion repurchased by William Hanbury, Esq., the uncle of the present owner. Ilam is an addition."

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