Hornby Castle

near Bedale, Yorkshire - Duke of Leeds

"A noble deed is a fitting foundation for a noble family.

The following account is given by Sir Bernard Burke:
Sir William Hewitt, Lord Mayor of London in 1559, possessed a considerable estate, and had only one daughter to inherit it. It chanced during the time her father resided on London Bridge, that the child fell into the river, whereupon a young gentleman named Edward Osborne, one of Sir William's apprentices, plunged in and rescued the infant. In memory of which deliverancve and in gratitude, her father afterwards bestowed her in marriage on the said Mr Osborne with a very great dowry.

A descendant of Edward, Sir Thomas Osborne, became Lord High Treasurer of England, and was raised to the Peerage in 1673 as Baron Osborne of Kiveton and Viscount Latimer of Danby. He was subsequently created Early of Danby in 1674, then Marquis of Carmarthen in 1689, and finally Duke of Leeds in 1694."

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