Ravensworth Castle

near Ayton Bank, Durham - Earl of Ravensworth

"This ancient castle derives its name either from the place having been in the old times a home of the raven, or from the Danish standard, which bore a figure of the bird, having floated over its walls. It was well known as early as the year 1080, for here we are told one Eardulf rose from the dead to foretell the death of Bishop Walcher and the punishment of his murderers.

A hundred years later Bishop Ranulf granted the manor to his nephew Richard, who belonged to the family of the Barons of Fitz-Marmaduke, and having no childred, his sister Eleanor conveyed the estate by marriage to the Lumleys of Lumley Castle. In like manner it went to the Boyntons; next to the Gascoignes; and in 1607 Sir William Gascoigne alienated the property to Thomas Liddel, ancestor of the present family.

Sir Henry Liddel was raised to the Peerage in 1747 by the title of Baron Ravensworth."

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