Warwick Castle

near Warwick, Warwickshire - Earl of Warwick

"Cymbeline, King of Britain, is supposed by some to have built the first stronghold that existed on the site of the grand and historic pile of Warwick Castle. The Romans have had its original foundation assigned to them by others. Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, is yet again considered by other antiquarians to have been the foundress of the first Castle that was built here, but however that may be, it seems to be understood that she caused the donjon to be made here in 915.

William the Conqueror bestowed the place on Henry de Newburgh, whom he at the same time created Earl of Warwick. It next passed to the family of Beauchamp; the last female heir of that line then conveyed it by marriage to Richard Neville, the 'King Maker.' It then went to the Duke of Clarence, before being granted to the family of Dudley.

On the failure of the line of Dudley, the Earldom was bestowed by King James on Robert, Lord Rich, but the castle was given to Sir Fulke Greville, afterwards Lord Brooke."

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