Glamis Castle

near Forfar, Forfarshire - Earl of Strathmore

This ancient castle is one of the most venerable edifices in Scotland.

The central tower is ascended by a staircase of one hundred and forty-three steps; on the left of it is a vaulted stone hall, seventy feet in length, and twenty-five in breadth. At the sides of the windows are curious little rooms, cut out of the thick walls. Adjoining the stone hall is the library, and beyond it a room forty-five feet long, and two stories high, intended for a drawing room.

Over the stone hall is the great hall of the castle, the arched ceiling thirty feet high, and ornamented with heraldic blazonry. The date is 1621. By the side of the hall is the Chapel, fitted up with dark oak, on which are hung curious paintings of the Apostles and scenes from Holy Scripture.

Great alterations were made in this grand old building by Patrick, first Earl of Kinghorne, in 1606.

The Pretender slept here in 1715, and had eighty beds made up for himself and his followers.

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