Rhydd Court

near Upton on Severn, Worcestershire - Baronet Lechmere

"The Rhydd Court derives its name from a ford across the Severn, the latter, perhaps, as I think I have heard, so called from the red colour of the earth on the bank of the river. It is a modern building, the old family residence now unused, and called, I believe, Sevenoaks, being about two miles away.

The ancient family of Lechmere is stated to have come originally from the Low Countries, and to have had a grant of land from William the Conqueror at Hanley, in Worcestershire. Sir Anthony Lechmere, born 1766, was created a Baronet in 1828. His son, Sir Edmund Hungerford Lechmere, married Maria Clara, daughter of David Murray, who was Maid of Honour to the Queen. Their son, Sir Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere was High Sheriff of the County in 1862."

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