Hughenden Manor

near Wycmobe, Buckinghamshire - Earl of Beaconsfield

"I may repeat here the remark I made in writing of Balmoral and Sandringham, as to how little their names were formerly known in comparison with the world-wide fame they since have gained. Once not heard of at all beyond their immediate neighbourhood, now they are universally household words with everyone wherever the English language is spoken.

So with Hughenden. Had it not been for its illustrious owner, it might have remained as 'unnoticed and unknown' as the forelders of the parish themselves who sleep in the quiet retirement of the churchyard of the place in which they lived and died.

They are gone, but 'the earth abideth for ever,' and their place has itself become indissolubly united with the name of its owner, Sir Benjamin Disraeli, who has made it famous, as one of the most distinguished statesmen that has ever been at the head of the Government to guide the affairs of the nation.

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