Glynde Place

near Lewes, Sussex - Viscount Hampden

At an early period this estate belonged to the Lords of Glynde, from whom it passed, by the marriage of their heriess, to the family of Walley. With them it remained for five gereations, till it was carried, by a cohairess, to Morley, of Winnington, in Lancashire, and yet again, about the year 1680, by the marriage of the widow of John Morley, to John Trevor, eldest son of Sir John Trevor, Secretary of State to King Charles II.

In 1745, John Trevor, dying without issue, bequeathed the place to his first cousin, who afterwards became the Bishop of Durham. From this family it passed to Henry Otway Brand.

Glynde is built in the Elizabethan style, and commands an extensive view of the Weald of Kent. The date of 1569 is inscribed under a coat of arms over the gateway of the western front, but the house was greatly improved by Mr Trevor when residing there, before he became Bishop of Durham.

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