Lathom House

near Ormskirk, Lancashire - Earl Lathom

"Lathom belonged at the Domesday Survey to Orm, a Saxon, from whom the parish of Ormskirk - Orm's Church - derived it's name. His descendants took the name of Lathom from the place, and held it till the eventual heiress, Isabella de Lathom, married Sir John Stanley, in whose family it remained for several hundred years.

In the end the daughter of the ninth Earl of Derby sold it to Henry Furness, from whom it was purchased, in 1724, by Sir Thomas Bootle, by whom the present magnificent house was rebuilt.

Richard Wilbraham, MP for Chester, married Mary, niece and heiress of Sir Thomas, and assumed that additional surname, under the will of his wife's uncle. Their son, Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, was created Baron Skelmersdale in 1828."

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