Brancepeth Castle

near Durham - Viscount Boyne

"Brancepeth was anciently a seat of the great and potent house of Nevill, Earls of Westmoreland, than which there is no other more eminent, in the whole range of British aristocracy.

The old castle had been built by the family of Bulmer before the Norman Conquest, and was strongly fortified with towers, and defended by a moat. Part of the original building still remains, and among other fine rooms, the 'Barons Hall,' was ornamented with stained glass windows in 1821.

This is a branch of the ducal house of Hamilton, of which His Grace the Duke of Abercorn is the head. It springs from the Earl of Arran, Regent of Scotland, father of Lord Claud Hamilton, created Baron Paisley in 1535.

His grandson, Gustavus Hamilton, was a distinguished military officer. For his services at, among others, the Battle of the Boyne, he was elevated to the Peerage as Baron Hamilton in 1715, and further created Viscount Boyne in 1717."

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