Brechin Castle

near Brechin, Forfarshire - Earl of Dalhousie

"This ancient Caslte, built at different times, is very finely situated on the north bank of the river Exe, on the brink of a high precipitous rock, the views from it being exceedingly fine. It withstood a long siege in the year 1303, against the English army under Edward the First, and held out for twenty days, till the brave and doughty Governor, Sir Thomas Maule, was killed by a stone flung from a catapult, when his garrison delt themselves obliged to surrender the place.

This family is stated to have been originally of German origin. The first of the name on record appears to have been Simon de Ramsay, of Dalhousie in Lothian, who signed as a witness to a grant of the Church of Livingston in the year 1140.

From him was descended Sir George Ramsay, made Baron of Melrose under the title of Lord Ramsay in 1618, which designation he obtained permission afterwards by letter from James VI to alter to Lord Ramsay of Dalhousie."

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