Eastwell Park

near Ashford, Kent - Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham

"The grounds of Eastwell Park, about four miles north-east of Ashford, are extremely beautiful and picturesque. A noble mansion was erected here in 1546. It was rebuilt by Mr G. Finch-Hatton.

Sir Moyle Finch was created a Baronet in 1611. He married Elizabeth, the only daughter of Sir Thomas Heneage, of Copped Hall, Essex, who some years after his death was elevated to the Peerage, in 1623, as Viscountess Maidstone, and further raised in 1628 as Countess of Winchilsea. On her death, in 1633, the titles went to her son, Sir Thomas Finch.

At the decease of James, fifth Earl of Winchilsea, without issues in 1729, the Earldom and Viscountcy went to his kinsman, Daniel Finch, second Earl of Nottingham and Baron Finch."

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