Levens Hall

near Heversham, Westmoreland - Upton family

"Levens Hall is a venerable pile of a building, built in the reign of Elizabeth. The gardens were laid out in that of James the Second, in the quaint style then prevalent, with straight walks and clipped yew hedges.

The estate was originally owned by Uchtred, whose son, Ketel, in 188, sold it to Norman de Redeman, with whose descendants it rested until the reign of Henry the Seventh. From then it was the property of the Bellingham family, who then sold it about 1686 to Colonel James Graham.

His only daughter married Henry Bowes Howard, Earl of Berkshire, whose grand-daughter and heiress married Richard Bagot, who assumed, in consequence, the surname of Howard. Of this marriage there was only one daughter, Mary, who married Fulke Greville Upton, and, on their decease, the estate was inherited by Arthur Upton, brother of the Second Lord Templetown."

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