Berkeley Castle

near Berkeley, Gloucestershire - Baron Fitzhardinge

"Berkeley Castle must ever hold a memorable place on the page of English history, as it was here that King Edward the Second was murdered by the hands of Maltravers and Gournay. The room in which the evil deed was prepetrated is still to be seen, just as it was then in those ancient times. It is described as a dismal chamber, and now called the Dungeon Room, situated over the steps leading to the Keep.

Robert Fitzhardinge sided with the Empress Maud and her son, Henry the Second, against Stephen, and was rewarded with the Lordship of Berkeley, of which the owner, Roger de Berkeley, was at the same time depriced for taking part with the latter. He entertained, in 1168, Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster, with sixty of his retinue, when he came over to ask for succour from King Henry.

In direct descent from him, George Berkeley, fourteenth Baron Berkeley, was created, in 1679, Viscount Dursley and Earl of Berkeley.
Sir Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, Admiral of the Blue, was created Baron Fitzhardinge in 1861."

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