Burghley House

near Stamford, Lincolnshire - Marquis of Exeter

"Burghley was begun and mostly built in the reign of Elizabeth by the celebrated William Cecil, Lord Burleigh. In one of his letters of 1585, he says, 'My house of Burleigh is of my mother's inheritance, who liveth, and is the owner thereof, and I but a farmer; and for the building there, I have set up my walls on the old foundations.'

About two miles to the West of Burghley House are the ruins of Wothorp, or Worthorp House, where, according to Camden, a mansion of considerable size was built by Thomas Cecil, the then Earl of Burghley. The Duke of Buckingham resided here for some years after the Restoration.

The family of the Marquis of Exeter descends from Robert Cyssel, or Cecil, and officer of the court, and in attendance on Henry the Eighth at the celebrated meeting between that monarch and Francis, King of France, on the 'Field of the Cloth of Gold.' "

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