near Romsey, Hampshire - Cowper-Temple family

"Few seats are surrounded by a fairer landscape than this of Broadlands. The park, of an irregular shape, extends about a mile and a quarter to the River Test, which here unites its various brnaches into a single channel, and spreads out into a broad expanse of ornamental water. The park exhibits many noble trees of various kinds, scattered singly, or in groups, arranged with exquisite taste and effect.

The views from a hilltop near here a exceedingly beautiful; and their effect is not a little heightened by their being broken and separated by clumps of trees. These views are principally four, though of course they may yet be diversified if the spectators take up other positions. First, upon the right hand is a prospect down the valley, and across Southampton water to the New Forest: perhaps it may even extend, as the peasants of the neighbourhood say it does, to the Isle of Wight; but for this the day must be fine and the atmosphere free from vapour.

Secondly, to the left of the scene just mentioned, is the view of Broadlands, forming with its home park a graceful contrast to the beaties of nature. Thirdly comes the view of Romsey, the only objection to which is the too great fremoteness of the abbey church. Lastly, there is the view up the vally of the Test, which here assumes the appearance of an amphitheatre with finely-wooded margins."

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