Inverary Castle

Argyllshire - Duke of Argyll

"It is nothing new to say that most of the persons who travel to foreign lands 'in search of the sublime,' have left still more beautiful scenery in their native land than much they see abroad, and are utterly ignorant of the mountains, valleys, hills, woodlands, plains, lakes, streams and rivers which adorn each of the three kingdoms of the British Isles.

Inverary Castle offers a notable instance of this, standing in a situation of extreme beauty and grandeur, in the midst of a wide open space, surrounded by lofty hills, and having in front Lough Fyne, a deep ampitheatre of water.

Immediately behind the house Dunicoick hill rises perpendicularly to the height of seven hundred and fifty feet, nearly covered with wood, through which are seen the projecting rocks of its native foundation and formation. The plantations which adorn and diversify the scenery were begun by the Marquis of Argyll in the reign of Charles the First. The late Duke is stated to have devoted 3,000 a year to the improvement of the seat, feeling that he is but a steward for those who come after him.

The family of the Duke of Argyll derives from Gillespick Campbell in the beginning of the thirteenth century.
Mary Queen of Scots paid a visit to Inverary Castle in 1563."

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