near Woodstock, Oxfordshire - Duke of Marlborough

" 'If nothing were to be seen in England but this seat, with its park and treasures of art, there would be no reason to repent the journey to this country. The whole is on so grand a scale, that no prince in the world would need to be ashamed of it; and at the same time it is a noble monument of the gratitude of the English nation to the great Duke of Marlborough.'

In 866 King Ethelred held a Parliament in Woodstock Palace, and his successor, Alfred the Great, occasionally resided there when not engaged in war. King Henry the First repaired or rebuilt the palace, and built a wall round the park. Henry the Second received here the homage of Malcolm King of Scotland, and Rees Prince of Wales, in 1164.

Edward the First called a Parliament at this place in 1275; and here his second son, Edward, was born, thence the name Edward of Woodstock. Edward son of Edward the Third, commonly called the Black Prince, was also born here.

Blenheim Palace was built by Sir John Vanbrugh, the architect, at the puvlic expense, in the reign of Queen Anne, half a million of money being voted for its completion; and it was conferred, together with the Honour of Woodstock, on John, Duke of Marlborough, as a memorial of the gratitude of the public for the victories he gained over the French and Bavarians in 1704.

The family of Churchill was stated by Dr James Anderson, in his genealogical tables, to be derived from Gitton de Leon, a Frenchman, whose son Wandril was Lord of Courcil, the name afterwards being altered to Chirchil, and then to Churchill."

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