Scone Palace

near Perth, Perthshire - Earl of Mansfield

"Scone Palace was in ancient times a favourite residence of the kings of Scotland, and the celebrated stone on which they sat when crowned was carried from Scone by Edward the First, and is now placed in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.

The palace and abbey were both dilapidated under Henry the Eighth, but the former was restored in the early part of the seventeenth century, and here King Charles the Second was crowned in 1651, ten years before the ceremony was again performed in Westminster. In 1803 the old palace was removed by the then Earl of Mansfield, and in its stead he erected the present mansion, which was completed in 1806.

The family of the Earl of Mansfield, who holds the hereditary feofeeship of the Palace of Scone, derives from Sir William Murray, of Tullibardine, who died in 1511."

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