Alnwick Castle

near Alnwick, Northumberland - Duke of Northumberland

"Here was, as is supposed, a Roman fortress, for 'when a part of the castle keep was taken down, under the present walls were discovered the foundations of other buildings, which lay in a different direction from the present, and some of the stones appeared to have Roman mouldings.

Later on it belonged to William Tyson, a Saxon baron slain at the battle of Hastings, whereupon his daughter and her lands were both bestowed by William the Conqueror upon Ivo de Vescy. The last of his race, William de Vescy left it by will to Anthony Bec, Bishop of Durham, who then sold it in 1310 to Henry, Lord Percy.

In the lapse of ages afterwards, the wear and tear of time worked their natural ravages on this ancient pile, which had stood so long, the 'battle and the breeze', when on the death of Joceline Percy, the eleventh Earl of Northumberland, Lady Elizabeth Percy became in her own right Baroness Percy. Her only child, Lady Elizabeth Seymour, married Sir Hugh Smithson in 1740."

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