near Longdon, Staffordshire - Marquis of Anglesey

"Beaudesert in former times belonged to the Bishops of Lichfield, but was granted by King Edward the Sixth to Wir William Paget, ancestor, in the female line, of the present family.

The mansion is finely placed on the side of an eminence, well sheltered by rising grounds, and environed by woods and timber. It is of brick and stone, with two projecting wings. It was erected in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, but has since had many alterations and additions.

The family of Paget, which descended from William Paget, one of the Sergeants at Mace of the City of London, but is now extinct in the male line, is derived paternally from the Right Reverend Lewis Bayley, Bishop of Bangor, tutor to King Charles the First, and Chaplain to his brother Henry Prince of Wales, son of King James the First."

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Window Mounted Window Mounted and Framed

Window mounted (UK mainland)34.95
Window mounted (Europe)37.95
Window mounted (Rest of the World)39.95
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)55.95
Window mounted & framed (Europe)62.95
Window mounted & framed (Rest of the World)74.95

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