Belvoir Castle

Leicestershire, near Grantham, Lincolnshire - Duke of Rutland

"Robert de Todeni, Standard-bearer to the Conqueror, was the original grantee of Belvoir, and erected a Norman fortress on the site of the present castle. His successors assumed the name of Albini, and from them the place passed by descent to the family of Lord Ros, of Hamlake, whose eventual heiress Eleanor de Ros conveyed it by marriage to Sir Robert Manners.

Mention ought to be made of the imposing effect which the castle has when viewed from any portion of the afjoining domain. In this it greatly surpasses Windsor. The rich masses of wood that flank it, its more numerous towers, and its more commanding site, combine indeed to give it a proud pre-eminence over all other English castles.

Belvoir Castle forms the subject of a remarkable Pindaric ode of great length, first printed in 1690, and reprinted in Nichol's 'Leicestershire.' It also forms the theme of a Latin poem of great merit, entitled 'Arx Belvoirina,' in a collection of poems of Louth school by Rev. Andrew Burnaby. The poet Crabbe, who held the neighbouring living of Muston, has also celebrated the castle and its inmates in his nervous strains.

The family of the Duke of Rutland derives from Sir Robert de Manners, living in the reign of Edward the Second."

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