Hatfield House

near Hatfield, Hertfordshire - Marquis of Salisbury

"In consequence of Hatfield having been from time to time intimately connected with the lives of those who have occupied the most distinguished positions in the annals of our country, it has become of unusual interest. I cannot, however, do more that briefly allude to some of its more prominent historical associatations.

Hatfield is a place of great antiquity, at one time forming part of the revenue of the Saxon kings. It remained in their possession until the time of Edgar, by whom it was bestowed upon the monks of Ely. It then became the residence of the Bishops of Ely, and so was given the title of Bishops Hatfield.

During the regin of Henry the Seventh the house was rebuilt by Morton, Bishop of Ely, but was soon afterwards given by Bishop Godrick to Henry the Eighth. Edward VI. made Hatfield his residence during his father's reign, and Elizabeth also kept her state here in the reigns of Edward and Mary, and was proclaimed queen before the gates of Hatfield.

James the First exchanged Hatfield for the palace of Theobalds with Sir Robert Cecil, whose successors have continued to hold it since.

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