Mulgrave Castle

near Whitby, Yorkshire - Marquis of Normandy

"The situation of Mulgrave Castle is extremely fine, commanding a magnificent view of the German Ocean, on which one looks through precipitous banks in the grounds, as if on a picture set in a frame.

In the times of old it was a fortress of a Saxon Duke, Wada, whom tradition has handed down as a giant. In Norman times, the castle and barony were granted to Nigel Fossard, from whose family it was next conveyed by marriage of the heiress with Sir Robert de Turnham, in the reign of the Lionheart. His daughter in turn brought it, through marriage, to Peter de Malo Lacu or de Mauley.

In later times, about 1625, the property went into the hands of Edmund, Lord Sheffield of Butterwick, who, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, had greatly distinguished himself by many gallant actions, more particularly in assisting towards the defeat of the Spanish Armada. He was created Earl of Mulgrave, but the family later became extinct. The title was, however, revived in the person of Constantine Phipps."

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