Elvaston Castle

near Derby, Derbyshire - Earl of Harrington

"Though there does not appear to have ever been a castle on the site of the residence at present under our notice, nor any feature of the building that can lay claim to such a title, as it has been well observed that in England every man's house is said to be his castle, so that world-wide saying gave an undoubted right to the Earl of Harrington, who built this so-called castle, to give it that designation if it pleased him to do so.

Elvaston was first settled by Sir John Stanhope, father of the Earl of Chesterfield, on the eldest son of his second marriage. In 1643, when the hall was held by his widow, the Parliamentarian, Sir John Gell, beseiged and plundered the hall, and then wantonly rooted up her ladyship's flower garden. Strange to say, his next step was to marry the lady herself, for the purpose of destroying the glory of her husband and his house."

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