Cobham Hall

near Gravesend, Kent - Earl of Darnley

"Cobeham, a very pleasant spot in Kent, gave its name to the head of a family which possessed it in the reign of King John, namely Henry de Cobham, to whom it was assigned by William Quatre-Mere, a Norman soldier. His line ended in the person of John, third Lor  Cobham, a gallant warrior in the reign of King Edward I., who also earned more peaceful distinction by founding Cobham College.

He died in 1367, and his daughter, Joan, married Sir John de la Pole, and their daughter, endowed with the great inheritance of her grandfather, married no less than five times. All of her children, however, died young, excepting a daughter by Sir Reginald Braybrooke, named Joan, who became heiress and married Sir Thomas Brooke. The estate and name of Cobham then passed through the Brooke family, until Henry Brooke's possessions were granted to the Crown, on account of the alleged treason of Sir Walter Raleigh.

King James the First then gave the estate of Cobham Hall to Ludovick Stuart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond, from whom it has passed down the centuries many times through the female line to Lady Theodosia Hyde, who wedded John Bligh Esq. in 1713, afterwards created the Earl of Darnley."

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