Taymouth Castle

near Aberfeldy, Perthshire - Marquis of Breadalbane

"This magnificent seat may well carry us back in thought to the feudal times, and even in them it would have been conspicuous for size, grandeur and beauty. The modern mansion was begun about the beginning of the present century. It stands upon the southern bank of the Tay, in a semicircular lawn, embosomed by woods that well-nigh seem interminable.

The family of the arquis of Breadalbane derives from Gillespick Campbell, living in the tenth century."

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Window Mounted and Framed

Window mounted (UK mainland)34.95
Window mounted (Europe)37.95
Window mounted (Rest of the World)39.95
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)55.95
Window mounted & framed (Europe)62.95
Window mounted & framed (Rest of the World)74.95

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