Clifton Hall

near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire - Baronet Clifton

"Clifton Hall stands on a rocky eminence by the side of the 'Silver Trent' which gently meanders beneath, and the grounds are adorned with extensive plantations. Here, according to tradition, the 'Clifton Beauty' was hurled down the precipice by her lover, into the river below, and such a legend has, as might readily be supposed, since made the spot attractive to those who have been disposed to go there on a kindred errand.

The name of this ancient family is derived from Cliffe-ton or Clifton, a small hamlet about two miles from the town of Nottingham, which in the reign of Edward the First was the property of John de Soleni, and was purchased from him by Sir Gervase de Clifton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 1279.

His descendant, Sir John Clifton, was slain at the battle of Shrewsbury, fighting for the king. His lineal successor was Gervase Clifton, Esq., created a Baronet on May 22nd 1611."

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