Mount Edgcumbe

near Plymouth, Cornwall - Lord Mount Edgcumbe

"I know of no more lovely spot between Cornwall and the Grampians than that on which stands the noble seat which at present should be described, but in fact no description could do justice to its varied features, the scenes on every side, and in every point of view being as rich and as beautiful as it is possible to imagine.

The place was anciently called West Stonehouse, belonging to a family of the same name, and was conveyed by an heiress to Stephen Durnford, and his heiress and daughter, Jane, married Sir Piers Edgcumbe, a gentleman of a very ancient family in Devonshire. He was the direct ancestor of the present proprietor.

Richard Edgcumbe was elevated to the Peerage in 1742 as Baron Edgcumbe, and his grandson, George, was further created Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort in 1781, and Earl Mount Edgcumbe in 1789."

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