Wytham Abbey

near Oxford, Oxfordshire - Earl of Abingdon

"Wytham, or Witham Abbey, for the name is differently spelt, is situated about three miles from the city of Oxford, on a rising ground above the bank of the river Isis.

Here was in ancient times a nunnery, but nothing but the name of the ancient pile remains. The more modern edifice was built in the reign of King Henry the Seventh, by Sir Richard Harcourt, who became possessed of the manor in 1480.

The family of Lord Abingdon derives in the male line from Robert Bertie, Lord of Bersted, near Maidstone, living in the fifteenth century. In the female line, his lordship deduces his descent from the family of Norreys (afterwards Norris). The Honourable James Bertie was summoned to Parliament as Baron Norreys of Rycote in 1675, and further raised in the peerage as Earl of Abingdon in 1682."

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