Compton Verney

near Kineton, Warwickshire - Lord Willoughby de Broke

"Compton Murdale being the original name of this place, the derivation of it is thus given by Dugdale in his 'History of Warwickshire' - 'This taking its name, as all other Comptons do, from the situation in or near some deep valley, hath had the addition of Murdale to distinguish it from the many other Comptons in this county, in the regard that the family of Murdale were antiently owners thereof.' At what time the name was changed to that of Compton Verney there is no certainty, but in all probability it was at the time of the house being rebuilt.

In the time of William the Conqueror, it belonged to Earl Nellent, from whom it came to his brother, Henry de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, whose son, Roger, in the reign of Henry the First, granted it to Robert Murdale and his heirs. It remained in his family until the reign of Henry the Sixth, when it appears to have passed into the hands of Richard Verney, a member of a Worcestershire family, who built a large part of the house as it stood until 1770.

In 1695, Sir Richard Verney, having married Margaret Greville, claimed, through her, and obtained the Barony of Willoughby de Broke."

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