The Isle of Man

On the right of the map is a short history of the island together with it's coat of arms,
showing the well known three legged Manx symbol.

All the villages, castles, bays, creeks and rivers of the time are faithfully shown.

Parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are also shown around the edges of the map,
and the inclusion of fanciful sea monsters and battling ships
really add the finishing touch to this fine piece of artwork.

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Window Mounted and Framed
Detail of the History to go with the Map
Close Framed

Full Colour Print

Rolled (UK)£19.75
Rolled (Europe)£27.50
Rolled (Rest of the World)£32.50

Handcoloured Maps

Rolled (Worldwide)£44.95
Dry mounted (UK mainland only)£49.75
Close framed (UK mainland only)£79.75
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)£99.50

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