A bird's eye view of Chichester, which was the chief town of the county then,
is shown in the top left hand corner of the map.

Along the bottom of the map are illustrated four examples of the
coats of arms of the Earls of Sussex, Arundel and Chichester.

In the bottom right corner is a history of the Norman invasion of 1066;
William, Duke of Normandy landed along with his men at Pevensey,
and a depiction of the Norman ships about to land is shown on the map.

This map is very detailed, all the hills, rivers and forests of the county are marked,
along it's beacons and windmills, and coastal features such as Bognor Rocks
and "Old Winchelsey Drowned".

This is a lovely piece of artwork, and would make a splendid gift for anyone from the county.

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Window Mounted and Framed
Detail of the History to go with the Map
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Full Colour Print

Rolled (UK)£16.50
Rolled (Europe)£21.50
Rolled (Rest of the World)£24.50

Handcoloured Maps

Rolled (Worldwide)£38.50
Dry mounted (UK mainland)£40.50
Dry mounted (Europe)£41.50
Dry mounted (Rest of the World)£46.50
Close framed (UK mainland only)£64.50
Window mounted & framed (UK mainland only)£89.50

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